Class Projects

The CDL staff work closely with faculty members from across the university to support course instruction with practical experience and opportunities to observe development in action

Examples of class projects conducted at the CDL include:

  • Designing age-appropriate free play experiences that promote motor development
  • Using the CDL facilities as a starting point in designing a new outdoor education area for a child care center
  • Surveying parents to determine how they shop for children’s clothes
  • Identifying variations in children’s social development
  • Developing and implementing intervention strategies for children with identified developmental needs
  • Interviewing CDL teachers, parents, and administration about issues in Early Childhood Education

Class Project Procedures

  • Class Project Requests should be submitted on-line by the instructor at least one week prior to the starting date.
  • If the class projects include photographing or videotaping, Request to Photograph and/or Videotape forms must be completed and submitted to the Associate Director at least three weeks prior to the starting date.
  • Class project requests will be evaluated and approved based on the following criteria:
    • Appropriateness for the population and facilities of the CDL Program
    • Consistency with CDL Program goals and philosophy
    • Intrusiveness of project on the day-to-day curriculum of CDL classrooms
    • Provision for confidentiality
  • Approved class projects will be supervised by the CDL Director and CDL Research Assistant Professor  with input from teaching staff.
  • All class projects and class observations are coordinated through a master planning calendar.

Class Project Request Form

Please Fill out and Submit the Online Project Request Form.