Daily Activities

  • Your child’s day will be filled with a variety of activities ranging from quiet to active play. See the Classrooms page and the Learning and Guidance page for sample daily schedules and more information on our curriculum planning.
  • Common activities of the program include: outdoor play, choices time/free play, snack and lunch time, group time (age dependent), and a rest period. Fieldtrips also occur frequently.
  • Each of the developmental domains – language, emotional, social, cognitive, creative, fine motor, and gross motor are planned for in the daily program.


Toilet training is NOT required for admittance to CDL.
The CDL staff will work with parents to help toilet train their children when the child is physically and emotionally ready.

Rest Time

  • Children in the toddler, twos and preschool classrooms rest on cots during a single scheduled rest time each day. Comfort items such as stuffed animals, books, or quiet toys may be brought in for use during rest time. Children are expected to play quietly on their cots during this time if they choose not to sleep.
  • Infants sleep according to their own schedules in a crib room that is separate from the classroom.

Outdoor Play

  • Children go outside for at least a short period most everyday.
  • Outdoor play is beneficial for children’s mental and physical health.
  • Teachers use good judgment to determine whether or not to go outside when the weather is extreme. Teachers also take into consideration whether there are enough appropriately dressed children to go outside, so please dress your child according to the weather.
  • The center has covered porches for the children to play under to protect them from mild rain, sun, and wind.
  • A multipurpose room is also available in the ECDL building to facilitate indoor play during inclement weather.

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

  • Parents personally drop-off and pick-up children from their classrooms.
  • The full-day program begins at 7:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm.
  • The program is not budgeted for staff overtime. Any parent whose child remains after pick-up time will be charged $10.00 for up to 10 minutes of tardiness. The fee is additive and doubles for each additional 10 minutes, or portion thereof, that the child remains (i.e., $10, $30, $70, $150, $310, $630 etc.).

What to Bring

Some items parents should bring for their children include:

  • Security items (blankets, stuffed animals, etc.)
  • Hats & sunscreen products
  • Full change of seasonal clothes (set of socks, underwear, pants, shirt[s], and shoes)
  • Diapers, wipes, ointments/creams, and bottles
  • All items must be clearly labeled.
  • Food, candy, gum, toys, and other personal belongings should not be brought to the CDL. These special possessions can become broken, lost, and cause problems with unwillingness to share.

See the Health, Safety, and Nutrition page for information regarding the meal plan at the CDL.