Tuition Policies and Financial Support

Tuition Policies

Tuition is based on the age of your child or the group size of the class they are placed in.

Fee reductions are possible based on your family size and gross annual income (see financial support below).  There will be a 10% deduction on tuition for the second child in the family enrolled at CDL.  The deduction will apply as long as two children from the family are enrolled at CDL.

Space Reservation Deposit: Do NOT include this deposit with your application!
A Non-Refundable space reservation deposit equivalent to one week’s tuition is required when you accept a space in a CDL full-day program. ‘This deposit will serve as the last week’s tuition payment at the completion of a full school year (August to August) enrollment.

Withdrawal before the end of an academic year:
Enrollment in all programs is assumed to be for a full year. There are financial penalties for withdrawal before the end of the year. Check the CDL Tuition Payment and Refund Policy for details.

Payment Schedules

Monthly tuition charges are calculated based on the weekly tuition rates published for the applicable school year. The weekly rate is multiplied by the number of weeks in the school year, and then divided into 11 equal monthly payments.

You will be billed each month, September through July. Payment must be made by the due date stated on the bill.

Financial Support

Parents may qualify for financial support for childcare. A limited number of reduced tuition spaces are available at the CDL.

Tuition is based on full cost of care, family size, and family income.

You MUST complete a Tuition Determination Form at the time of application if you want to be considered for a reduced tuition space.

You can participate in the dependent child care tax program so your child’s tuition is exempt from taxes. The Associate Director or Coordinator of CDL Programs can provide a receipt for your use or can sign the form your company requires.