• All CDL staff are part of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS).
  • The CDL program Director, Dr. Brent McBride, is a tenure-track faculty member in HDFS who teaches and conducts research for the University of Illinois in addition to supervising the CDL staff, managing the budget, coordinating the educational program, and supervising CDL research activities.
  • Daily operations are managed by our Associate Director, Meghan Redeker; our Child Development Coordinator, Molly Harmon; and our Office Support Specialist Jenna Dalbey
  • Molly Harmon is currently responsible for the oversight and facilitation of activities that fulfill the program’s academic mission as a laboratory school while we wait to fulfill the CDL Research Assistant.
  • Each classroom is staffed by 1 Head Teacher (Bachelor’s degree minimum) and 2 Early Childhood Assistant (Associate’s degree minimum).